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Misc ~ Chord Overstreet, Booboo Stewart
Stock ~ Christmas
TV ~ Glee, The Walking Dead


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Misc ~ ASkars
Movies ~ Aladdin, B&TB, Harry Potter,
Percy Jackson
Music ~ Eminem, Linkin Park (+gifs)
Stock ~ Halloween
TV ~ Glee, Supernatural, WWE (+gifs)


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+ Friend Cut

If you've been cut it's nothing personal, guys. I'm just not around here much anymore, (and not sure that's going to change soon - changes in life, y'all, strange times!) so wanted to make my list smaller in an attempt to keep up with the people I talk to most. If you think I've cut you by mistake - shout and I'll add you back. I'm probably going to cut a few more people while I'm "cleaning up" (I've left some communities, too) so, feel free to drop me a comment if you think I cut wrong! Have fun, guys! :)
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Misc ~ Jamie Campbell Bower, Dakota Fanning,
Tyson Houseman, Alex Meraz, Kristen Stewart
Movies ~ Eclipse (+spoof), Inception (+banners),
Finding Nemo, The Lion King
Music ~ Jared & Shannon Leto (+gifs)
TV ~ Smallville, Supernatural


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Icons/Animations dump

Music ~ Muse/Matt, Brian Molko, Alexander Rybak,
Eric Saade, Scott Stapp, Ryan Tedder 
TV ~ Glee, Supernatural, Verbotene Liebe, WWE
* Animations ~ Rhodes, Bourne, Cena, DiBiase, Miz


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